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The transcription consists in registering with the consular service of the Embassy, civil status certificates (birth, marriage and death) drawn up by the Dutch municipalities.

This is a preliminary and compulsory procedure for obtaining Algerian documents (consular card, passport, CNI, 12S, etc.).

Only the records of persons whose Algerian nationality has been established can be transcribed onto the consular registers of civil status.

Transcription of Birth

Documents required:

  • Two (02) full copies of the birth certificate (originals less than three months old).
  • Family record book.
  • An Algerian identity document or certificate of nationality or, failing that, a full copy of the birth certificate of the father (or mother if the father is foreign) and the grandfather born in Algeria (photocopy + original).
  • An Algerian identity document from one of the two parents.

Transcription of Marriage:

Documents required:

  • A complete copy of the marriage certificate (original);
  • An Algerian identity document;
  • The transcription of the marriage certificate between an Algerian national and a non-Muslim is inadmissible except in the case of the conversion of the spouse to the Muslim religion. The application for transcription must include a certificate of conversion issued by the authorized religious authority. If the spouse is a national of a country practicing several faiths, provide a document attesting to his or her Muslim faith (birth certificate, identity or travel document on which his or her faith is mentioned).

Note: The transcription of marriage certificates issued by foreign chancelleries and of religious marriages is based on a transcription order issued by the court of Sidi M’Hamed (Algiers).

Transcription of Death:

Documents required:

  • A complete copy of the death certificate (original);
  • The family record book;
  • An Algerian identity document of the deceased and the applicant.

Birth certificate 12S:


The secure birth certificate (12S) is a compulsory civil status document for the establishment of the biometric passport. It is established on the basis of the civil status register.

Application procedures for the 12S:

For people born in Algeria, and registered with our consular district, the 12S birth certificate can be requested by sending an e-mail to the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities at the following address:

The 12S birth certificates are drawn up by the communes of birth and sent electronically to our services for delivery to the interested parties.

Applicants can follow the progress of their application through the “request follow-up” tab on the home page of the site referred to above.

When the message “contact the relevant consulate to collect the 12S” is displayed, they must go to the civil status department, with an Algerian identity document, to collect their 12S and those of their minor children (aged under 19) in person.

It is understood that any Algerian national living abroad can apply for a 12S from any of the country’s municipalities when staying in Algeria.

The following information is required to submit the request via the website of the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities:

  • Surname and first name(s) (maiden name and marital name for married women);
  • Date and place of birth (place/ commune /wilaya);
  • Birth certificate number indicated on the birth certificate or on the family record book;
  • Consular registration number on the inside of the registration card.
  • Registration number of the father or mother for minor children (under 19 years of age).

People born and residing in our consular district whose birth certificates have not been transcribed must first complete the transcription formalities with the civil status service (see link).

People born in our consular district and registered with other diplomatic and consular representations, must present themselves personally at the headquarters of the diplomatic or consular representation with which they are registered in order to submit their request for a 12S birth certificate.

Persons registered with our consular district, born in other countries can approach our services to file their application for a 12S birth certificate.


12S birth certificates are issued in Arabic. To avoid errors, anyone who is unaware of the exact spelling of the surnames and first names of the spouse, the mother and the first name of the father is asked to attach to their application for 12S, birth certificates in Arabic for the latter. Birth certificates that have exceeded their validity period and photocopies are accepted, provided they are legible.

Family record book:

Anyone whose marriage was celebrated in the Netherlands, and who has completed the transcription formalities (see link), can request an Algerian family record book. To do so, the applicant must submit:

  • An application;
  • An Algerian identity document;
  • A full copy of the marriage certificate.

Certificate of celibacy:

The certificate of celibacy is issued by our services after presentation of:

  • The registration card;
  • A full copy of the birth certificate of less than three (03) months issued by the municipality of birth, with all the marginal mentions (none for bachelors, if applicable, not crossed out and not overwritten) plus a photocopy.
  • An Algerian identity document (passport, consular card, or Algerian national identity card) plus a photocopy.
  • Two witnesses registered with the consulate, with their registration cards or their passports or Algerian national identity cards.Important:The presence of the interested party is mandatory. The celibacy certificate is issued under the responsibility of the witnesses.


 The custom certificate is established on presentation of:

  • An Algerian identity document (Algerian identity card, Algerian passport, consular registration card)
  • A full copy of the birth certificate less than 3 months old (original).


The life certificate is established on presentation of a valid Algerian identity document. Applicants must appear in person.


This document is only issued to persons registered with our consular section.

Documents required:

  • An Algerian identity document of the person concerned (passport, consular card, or Algerian national identity card);
  • A complete copy of the birth certificate of the person concerned;
  • A complete copy of the birth certificate of the father of the person concerned;
  • A complete copy of the birth certificate of the mother of the person concerned if the father is a foreigner.


The attestation of nationality does not replace the certificate of nationality which is only issued by the courts in Algeria.