Criminal record

Nationals registered and born in Algeria as well as foreigners who have resided in Algeria can request a report called “N°03” of the criminal record concerning them from the Embassy.

The report is written in Arabic. However, the applicant can request a report n° 03 in French.

The request must be made by the interested party himself, and present:

  • An Algerian identity document.
  • A birth certificate if he/she is Algerian by birth.
  • Any document justifying his/her identity and residence in Algeria if he/she is a foreigner.

Certification of ability

The consular services do not have the authority to establish the certificate of capacity (or authenticity).

The establishment of the certificate of capacity is the exclusive responsibility of the Algerian authority which issued the driving licence. The consular services only transmit the requests to the daïras and wilayas and are not responsible for the sometimes very long delays in response.

The capacity certificates transmitted to our services are immediately made available to the applicants who are summoned as soon as possible to collect them personally. The document cannot be handed over to a third party.

The certificate of capacity can be obtained on request sent, under cover of the consulate to the daïra or wilaya of the place of issue of the driving license, accompanied by the following file:

  • A consular registration card.
  • A copy of the regular residence card in the Netherlands.
  • A copy of the driver’s license in duplicate.

The originals of both documents must be presented when submitting the application.

Pass for consular purposes (Laissez-passer)

This document is an exceptional travel document issued to all unregistered Algerian nationals to enable them to return to Algeria in the event of loss or theft of their passport.

It is valid only for the return to Algeria, for a single journey and by the most direct route.

It can be established on the presentation of the following documents:

  • A declaration of loss or theft issued by the consulate on the basis of the one issued by the nearest police station.
  • Proof of Algerian nationality by presenting a copy of the passport, if applicable, an Algerian national identity card or a military passport with a passport photo.
  • Three recent passport photos, full-face and of the same print (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm).
  • A transport ticket.


The pass application (laissez-passer) must be submitted to the consulate 72 hours before departure.