Description du projet



Consular registration is an essential step for any citizen regularly established in a consular district and constitutes a prerequisite for obtaining any civil status, travel or other document.

It enables:

  • To identify and locate all Algerian nationals established in the consular district;
  • Algerian nationals residing in the consular district to benefit from consular protection and documents (consular registration card, Algerian national identity card, passport, etc.).

The files to provide for a first registration

  • Registration Application Form (download here) duly completed, dated and signed;
  • A copy of the Algerian identity document (Algerian national identity card, national service card);
  • A copy of the first page of the passport plus the page with the entry visa for the Netherlands;
  • An extract from the birth certificate of the person concerned (in Arabic);
  • An extract from the father’s birth certificate for applicants born in Algeria;
  • Birth certificate of both ascendants in the paternal line for Algerians born abroad;
  • A marriage certificate or copy of the family book for married people;
  • Regular residence card in the Netherlands (or Dutch ID);
  • Certificate of registration at the town hall of residence (less than three (03) months old);
  • Four (04) recent passport photos of the same size;
  • Proof of profession (or school certificate for students).

The spouse and minor children born to an Algerian father or Algerian mother are registered on a subsidiary basis. The spouse must present the same documents listed above.

Note: The validity period of the consular registration card is fixed at five years. It is free of charge.


The applicant, in the event of no change in his family, professional and residence life, must:

Return the old consular registration card and provide two recent photos of the front and of the same print.


Citizens who have been granted a certificate of change of residence (C.C.R.) or who have applied for de-registration and who move back to the Netherlands, will be re-registered under the same conditions as the first consular registration.



The Algerian biometric passport is valid for ten (10) years for adults and five (05) years for minors.

The presence of minors under the age of twelve is not mandatory under the condition that the photos provided in their files comply with ICAO standards (see following link)

The Algerian biometric passport is valid for ten (10) years for adults and five (05) years for minor children. ( Downloads/technical%20reports/annex_A-photograph_guidelines.pdf). However, the Embassy reserves the right to request their presence if verification is required.

Children older than 12 years of age must be accompanied by:

  • The father;
  • The mother: in the case of foreign fathers or if the mother has paternal authorization or if she has custody of the children due to divorce;
  • The legal guardian, in the absence of the presence of the parents.


The biometric passport application file includes the following documents:

  • The original consular registration card (valid for less than 5 years) + copy.
  • The biometric passport application form duly completed, dated and signed, to download here + appendix to be completed and signed by the applicant or the legal guardian, for minors;
  • The original 12s birth certificate;
  • Regular residence card in the Netherlands or Dutch passport or Dutch identity card (valid) for bi-nationals (original + copy);
  • Work certificate for applicants exercising a professional activity.
  • A photocopy of a recent proof of address less than six (06) months old (extract from the population register (BRP extract));
  • Two (02) recent digital identity photos meeting ICAO standards (see description on the following link).


Biometric Passport Renewal

The passport can be renewed six (06) months before the date of its expiration. It can also be renewed if all the sheets of the passport are saturated or in case of a change in marital status for women, subject to the presentation of an extract from the marriage certificate or a copy of the divorce decree or the exequatur of a foreign decree.

It should be noted that the old passport must be returned. If the old passport is lost or damaged, a declaration of loss must be submitted to the Dutch police and to the Algerian Embassy in The Hague. Also, the holder is required to pay a loss tax of one hundred (100) euros.

Documents required:

  • The completed passport application form.
  • The 12S birth certificate (the original), when the old passport is issued by an authority other than the Algerian Embassy in The Hague.
  • The residence permit or the Dutch national identity card or the Dutch passport.
  • Proof of residence in the case of change of address.
  • Two (02) recent passport photos.

Payment of the chancellery fee when submitting the passport application

  • 60 euros for any adult (aged 19 or over).
  • 30 euros for underage children or students, upon presentation of an original school certificate from the current academic year.


  • Married or divorced women whose status is not stated on the birth certificate ’12s’ must present an extract from the marriage certificate or an extract from the divorce decree (Algerian or an exequatur).
  • The applicant’s blood type must be indicated in the relevant section of the form.

Procedures for collecting the biometric passport

For people over 12 years of age, the presence of the applicant is mandatory in order to carry out a fingerprint comparison. For children who have not reached the age of 12 when the application is submitted, attendance is not required.

The biometric passport can be collected without an appointment from Tuesday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 13:00, at the counter reserved for this purpose, on presentation of:

  • The “12S” birth certificate (original) for the people to whom it was returned when the file was submitted.
    Deposit receipt.
  • The old passport (whether valid or expired).


In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 14-03 of February 24, 2014 relating to travel permits and documents, the passport must be collected by its holder as soon as he/she is informed of its availability at the consulate.

Any passport not collected by its holder shall be destroyed six (06) months after the date of notification of its availability at the consulate.

In this case, and except in cases of force majeure, the stamp duty required for the application for a new passport is equal to twice the fixed stamp duty (article 136 of ordinance n°76-103 of December 9, 1976 on stamp code, as amended and supplemented).



To be registered with the Algerian Embassy in the Netherlands.

Documents required:

  • Regular residence card in the Netherlands or Dutch passport or Dutch identity card plus photocopy.
  • Three (03) recent photographs (passport size).
  • Expired identity card to be returned.

The Algerian National Identity Card is renewable every ten (10) years.


The presence of the father or legal guardian is mandatory for the establishment of any document for the benefit of a minor.

Electronic Biometric National Identity Card (CINBE)

It is brought to the attention of our compatriots residing in the Netherlands who have benefited from a biometric passport and have a national identification number (NIN), that they can request their National Electronic Biometric Identity Card (CNIBE) through the website of the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities at the following address:


Fellow citizens who have applied for the national biometric and electronic identity card (CNIBE) can find out about the availability of their cards by contacting the Algerian Embassy in the Netherlands.

Loss Biometric Identity Card

The Algerian Embassy in the Netherlands informs all nationals that in case of loss or damage of the electronic biometric identity card (CNIBE), the renewal of the card is established upon payment of a fee of ten (10) euros.


Any loss or theft of documents issued by the Algerian authorities must be reported to our consular service.

The presence of the person concerned is mandatory. The person concerned must have an identity document proving his/her Algerian nationality. Also, the person concerned must have filed a report of loss or theft with the Dutch police and must then complete the form below (downloadable here).


The transfer of the consular record is necessary in case of a change of place of residence, outside the registration district.

The transfer request should be sent to the diplomatic or consular post which covers the new place of residence and must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • The Consular card established by the Consulate holding the file.
  • A regular residence card in the Netherlands or Dutch passport or Dutch identity card and a photocopy.
  • A recent proof of address.

For divorced persons, the divorce decree or exequatur is required if pronounced by a foreign court.


Terms and conditions:

Nationals established in the Netherlands, and who wish to return to Algeria permanently, can import their personal belongings, including a new car, without paying customs duties in Algeria. It is important to remember that this provision is valid only once.

To be able to benefit from a certificate of change of residence, the applicant must justify the following conditions:

  1. To be the main holder of a consular registration card on a principal basis.
  2. To have resided continuously in the Netherlands for at least three (03) years on the date of the application.
  3. To have never previously been granted a certificate of change of residence.

If the applicant does not meet the condition of three years of uninterrupted stay, he/she will be eligible for the CCR with payment of duties and taxes after a minimum stay of one year.

Goods authorized for import exempt from duties and taxes:

– Furniture and household goods intended for personal use.

– A NEW passenger vehicle, with a fiscal power less than or equal to 10 horsepower (petrol <2000 cm3/diesel <2500 cm3), registered for export and never previously registered (the export period and 30 days from the date of registration).

– A NEW utility vehicle for the transport of goods, with a total loaded weight up to 5,950 tons.

Maximum value eligible for exemption from duties and taxes:

. For salaried or assimilated workers: 5,000,000 dinars.

. For trainees or students in training abroad: 4,000,000 dinars.

* The amount of customs clearance, calculated by the customs services, is determined by the exchange rate on the day of customs clearance, a rate subject to fluctuation.

* Any overrun of the authorized ceiling will be subject to customs clearance with payment of duties and taxes in dinars.

List of documents to be provided:

  1. Consular registration card + a photocopy (husband + wife).
  2. Algerian passport (husband + wife).
  3. A new vehicle registration card intended for export in the name of the beneficiary of the C.C. R+ two (02) photocopies
  4. Vehicle purchase invoice + photocopy in the name of the beneficiary of the CCR
  5. Inventory of furniture and personal belongings, starting with the vehicle.
  6. Proof of resources (income) for the last three (03) years (work certificate for employees, school certificate for students, pension certificate for retirees).
  7. Residence card or Dutch identity card + double-sided photocopy.
  8. Certificate of residence with history issued by the municipality of the place of residence justifying the residence of the last three years.

* The application and collection must be made by the person concerned.



The lifting of the non-transferability of any imported vehicle is conditioned by:

1- Full payment of duties and taxes due if the vehicle is sold within two (02) years.

2- Payment of half of the taxes due if the vehicle is sold within a period of between two (02) years and five (05) years.

3- The lifting of non-transferability is automatic and unconditional beyond five (05) years.

Change of residence with transfer of activity or with creation of a new activity:

In the case of a new authorized activity, the materials and equipment must be new or overhauled under guarantee on the date of importation.

However, vehicles for the transport of goods within the framework of an activity duly approved in Algeria must be imported in a new condition. These are trucks, semi-trailers and trailers, concrete mixers, road tractors and special purpose vehicles.

Documents required:

1- A file containing the same documents as an ordinary CCR and obeying the same conditions (inventory of materials and equipment).

2- Registration in the commercial register with the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

3- The approval issued by the Algerian authorities concerned for the exercise, in Algeria, of the activity to be transferred or created.

4- Proof of the effective exercise of an activity abroad during the last three years preceding the date of transfer.

5- A sworn statement declaring that these materials and equipment admitted as exemption will not be transferred or loaned for three (03) years, without having first been paid for duties and taxes.

Chancery rights:

The fee is calculated on the basis of the value of the vehicle and the inventory of the furniture. The payment should be made using cash.

Note: the issuance of a certificate of change of residence with exemption from customs fees is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure. It systematically leads to the removal of the beneficiary and his/her spouse from the consular registration as well as from the electoral list.

Any request for new consular management can only be submitted after a period of six (06) months.


The removal from the consular registration registers is carried out in the following cases:

– Death.
– Definitive return to Algeria

– Change of consular district.
– At the written request of the citizen.
– Absence for more than 10 years.